I have found the below publications to be very informative to the senior population. If you click on the pictures below most will open up a new window with a .pdf file.

The Consumer's Guide to Senior Housing
Where are you going to live as you age? Do you need to update your home? Should you look into saving for Long Term Care? Are You Sure? Click on the picture.



healthcare reform

How HealthCare Reform Affects Seniors

How is the Healthcare Reform Act affecting Medicare and you? Just Click on the Picture to find more information.

Rx Shorthand

The Doctor just gave you a prescription. What do all of those little squiggles mean? Click on the picture to check out my guide to Rx Shorthand.



10 Places to Find Caregiving Help
It's not easy being a Caregiver. Do you know where to turn for help? Can you be a Caregiver? Click on the picture.

Should YOU be a Caregiver

Are You Cut Out for Caregiving? Click on the picture to find some questions to ask yourself:



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Expressing Love

If you ignore yourself you may soon burn out. Find out how to set boundaries to keep that from happening. Click on the picture.

Caregivers Cost of Caregiving

What is the monetary cost to the Caregiver? Click on the picture.

caregiver money-stress





Do you know the 10 signs of Alzheimer's? Keep these in mind for yourself or your loved one. Click on the picture.

Avoiding Identity Theft

Identity theft, especially among seniors, is increasing rapidly. Do you know some of the ways to prevent identity theft? Click on the picture to find out.





When Modern Medicine Fails

What happens when Modern Medicine fails? Click on the picture.