Rx Shorthand

Shorthand Definition
aa ana, so much of each
a.c. ante cibum, before meals
ad effect until effective
ad lib as much as desired
AP ante partum, before childbirth
ap ante prandium, before dinner
aq aqua, water
bid bis en die, twice each day
c cum, with
dbl double
h.s. hora somni, at bedtime
i.d. idem, the same
IM intramuscular
k constant
mb misce bene, mix well
MDR minimum daily requirement
MED minimum effective dose
npo nil peros, nothing by mouth
o nono, without
O.D. oculus dexter, right eye
O.S. oculus sinister, left eye
P post, after
per os by mouth
qd quaque die, every day
qh quaque hora, every hour
qid quater in die, 4 times a day
qv quatum vis, as much as you wish
Rx recipe, prescription
STAT statim, immediately
sum. sumat, let it be taken
T temperature
t time
tid ter in die, 3 times each day
ut dict ut dictum, as directed
vid see
W weight
w/ with
x unknown factor